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Urgent Care EMR / EHR / PM Software

Urgent Care is very unique and requires a system that was designed for the needs of an Urgent Care facility. Acrendo has been in the EHR business since 1999, this means we have more than a decade of experience to help in this area. Acrendo is also physician owned, this allows us to put our ideas to use in a real-world practice settings first. allows each user to see and track the patient from the time they walk in, all the way through any triage, to billing, then finally to check-out. Users can even see who is in the waiting room, what the visit is for, and for how long they have been seated, all from the provider waiting-room list.

Users can even customize settings for templates, charge-slips, ICD favorites, and even their workflow to name a few. The result is better use of provider?s time.

Why Is Acrendo Best For You?

Our Urgent Care EHR is like having artificial intelligence at the provider?s fingertips, it thinks like a physician. Our goal is to make it easier for providers to engage with and manage their patients. Below are just a few of the ways we do this: