Client Testimonials

Moez Khorsandi. MD.
I searched for years for an EMR that was affordable and easy to use. I had many presenters come to my office to show me their EMR and how they thought it was easy to use. I found all the systems I looked at to be difficult to learn, and very expensive. The Acrendo team came to my office to do an in person demonstration of and I was finally impressed, great product!
Doreen Ciancaglini. MD.
I have been using since early 2010 for my solo provider Pediatric practice. I was looking for a system that could be set up quickly. I found the EMR was easy to learn, and even made a few templates on my own. My front office staff has great success with the system, from scheduling to rooming the patient. My back office staff uses the billing system to send out e-bills in real time since it is a part of the entire program. This is a great product for any small practice.
Abeer Elessawi. MD.
Our single-provider Internal Medicine office started using in late 2009. We had a goal of going paperless within one year and managed to do so with this program in just a few months. We are very happy with Acrendo team and the ongoing improvements to their EMR/PM solution.
Richard Leavitt. MD.
Since taking the leap into EMR and buying for my solo practice in 2011, I have been very satisfied with Acrendo. I use the program for all of my clinical notes and find the program to be very easy to use. I was offered a system by the hospital and found that product was clunky and not easy to use. My concerns were lost productivity and extra hours at night keeping up with the charts. With the Acrendo system this was not an issue, we were up and going in no time.
Jonathan Hirsch. MD.
I just wanted to congratulate on the release of this newest version. I appreciate their attention to all of the details that make writing notes and completing daily tasks much easier and more efficiently. They've always been a pleasure to deal with and their staff is wonderful. Each update makes the program better, faster and easier to use.
Ron Weinberg. MD.
Our multi-provider Internal Medicine practice purchased in 2008 after using another PM system for over 20 years. We had concerns with not being able to get the data from the PM side into the side, and going paperless, but the support staff and programmers handled it very well.