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Dragon NaturallySpeaking Dragon Dictation truly delivers on the promise of speech recognition in healthcare. Never has a release of Dragon NaturallySpeaking been as accurate – Dragon NaturallySpeaking Dragon Dictation is 25% more accurate than the previous release, and over 25% more accurate on medical dictation than Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 Professional. Now healthcare professionals can truly eliminate the high cost and long turnaround time associated with manual transcription of patient notes. The result is lower costs and better patient care. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Dragon Dictation will fit right into A.I.med's Electronic Health Records (EHR). The new Roaming User feature lets you access your unique "user profile" from any workstation in your organization's network, so you can "roam" your hospital, clinic or practice and always have access to the power of Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Dragon Dictation enables healthcare professionals to complete clinical notes instantly and at a fraction of the cost of manual transcription. Each physician that uses Dragon NaturallySpeaking Dragon Dictation can save tens of thousands of dollars per year! It's never been faster or easier to use, and it's amazingly accurate – up to 25% more accurate than the prior release. Packaged with medical specialty vocabularies covering 60 sub-specialties, and allows you to create other custom vocabularies to maximize recognition accuracy. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Dragon Dictation means lower costs and better patient care!

The new Dragon NaturallySpeaking Dragon Dictation speech engine is up to 25% more accurate than version 9 – up to 99%. Dragon NaturallySpeaking never makes a spelling mistake, and it actually gets smarter the more you use it!
With Dragon NaturallySpeaking Dragon Dictation, you can save tens of thousands of dollars per physician every year!
Hit the report delivery targets of your facility by dictating directly into the EHR. Don't rely on out-sourced transcription to finish your report!
Most people speak over 120 words per minute, but type less than 40 words a minute. Dragon NaturallySpeaking lets you create progress notes, discharge letters, surgery reports, about three times faster than typing by hand!
Use Dragon NaturallySpeaking from any PC on your organization's network, including a PC used as a Citrix thin client.
Use Dragon NaturallySpeaking with Nuance-approved Bluetooth headsets. Convenient to use with a Tablet PC system!

Dictate into any Nuance-certified handheld device for automatic transcription when you sync with your PC.

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