Financing and Leasing

Acrendo offers leasing and financing programs. You pick your own Lease program for 24 months, 36 months, 48 months or 60 months. There is even a 90 day deferred payment program. At the end of the lease you own the software. We are sure to have a plan that fits your budget and goals. Even in these financially challenging times the interest rates are low and turn-around is fast.

Why Lease?
Leasing equipment or financing software offers a number of benefits to customers in comparison to cash investments or tapping into existing bank credit lines.
Manage Cash Flow
Relevant at all times, but particularly during a lean economic climate when "Cash is King", leasing helps customers manage their cash flow by paying for equipment or software over time; thereby matching revenue and expense.
Leverage Purchasing Power
When evaluating your equipment or software needs leasing provides an effective vehicle to acquire the solution your business really needs, vs. acquiring only what you can afford using available cash from your capital budget.
Preserve Bank Credit Lines
Accessing leasing allows businesses to keep their existing bank credit lines available for short term needs, including inventory, advertising/marketing, and payroll.
100% Financing
Customers can bundle in project costs including; equipment, software, maintenance, training, installation, and shipping into one convenient payment plan with minimal initial outlay. Customers can even finance sales tax in their lease amount.
Avoid Obsolescence
Lease terms and types can be matched to the equipment's expected useful life, enabling customers to keep pace with technological changes by upgrading to new equipment.
Tax Advantages
Depending upon the type of lease selected, customers may be able to treat monthly payments as a fully deductible operating expense from a tax standpoint.
Accounting Advantages
While not available for all types of equipment, in some instances you may be able to structure FASB-13 compliant operating leases. Contingent upon review and classification by a customer's auditors; operating lease payments may be expensed as made on the income statement and reflected in the footnotes (check with your accountant about this).

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