Billing Services

At Acrendo we know just how important your income is to you, we have a small practice as well, so we are in this with you. Our promise is to deliver a billing team that will help you manage and grow your current or new practice by keeping the revenue steady and taking the headache out of trying to manage this process in-house.
Pricing Structure: Acrendo provides full revenue-cycle-management at only 5% of collections. Acrendo will meet with each provider to determine the best process and fee structure to accommodate every practices needs.
The Acrendo Billing Services provides a complete turn-key solution to your Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management needs. Below are the things we do to ensure you have a strong team in place to accomplish your goals, and ours.
Full Service Medical Billing: We pursue primary, secondary, tertiary claims, insurance denials, incomplete reimbursements, and requests for additional information in a timely and efficient manner.
Electronic Claim Submission : We provide fast and accurate medical billing to ensure that you receive a timely return on all claims. Insurance claims are sent to the clearinghouse electronically to expedite reimbursement.
Online Eligibility Verification: The billing service includes online insurance eligibility verification within upon appointment creation and patient check-in. This feature speeds up revenue recovery by reducing the need for rebilling because it ensures accuracy of data entry and confirms insurance coverage before medical services are rendered.
Billing Profile Management: We load diagnostic codes, procedure codes, facility lists, and provider fee schedules. Experienced, professional medical billers adjust the coding structure to maximize claim reimbursements and help providers navigate through the transition from ICD9 to ICD10. We also maintain third party payer rosters with the clearinghouse.
Patient Accounting and Collections : We post all payments received and offer a monthly statement service for patient balances, paper or electronic. Our personalized approach to billing services allows flexibility and accommodates special financial arrangements you set with your patients. We even provide a toll free number for patient billing inquiries.
Aged Claim Recovery: We even have a service that can help you recover revenues from previously denied and pending claims. Our billers review your previously billed claims, make follow up calls to verify information, correct denials, and provide additional information so that you receive payment on claims that would have gone uncollected.
Ready Access to Financial Reports and Practice Management : Full access to Financial Reports and Patient Accounts is available in at all times for users with security clearance. In addition, we offer monthly and quarterly conference calls with Providers or Billing Management to provide person-to-person,
comprehensive reviews of aging reports and patient balances. This review process promotes strong, steady communication and ensures that important issues for our clients are never overlooked.
Consulting and Financial Analysis: Acrendo provides a reasonable fee for analyzing existing aging reports, evaluating past reimbursement trends, and providing strategic solutions that will make your practice more profitable.

You can reach us toll free at 1-800-403-2330 or click here to request a FREE online demo.