Appointment Reminders

Our Web-Based Dialer is an automated reminder system. The Dialer integrates directly with our patient and scheduling systems in real-time. Once the appointments have been set, the Dialer will call each patient at a preset time for each day.

The Dialer comes with custom preloaded messages or you can create your own. You can create a message for English speaking patients, Spanish patients and many other languages. You can even send text messages using the Dialer.

Our Dialer is perfect for reminding your patients about their upcoming appointment, a missed appointment reminder or to let them know the practice will be closed. There is almost no limit to its use.

The Dialer calls or texts each patient for the particular day or range of days, and plays your custom message, even in multiple languages per patient. If the patient answers the call, the Dialer will ask the patient to press 1 to confirm, 2 to cancel or 0 to speak with the office. The Dialer can play the patients name, appointment date and time, your practice phone number and address as needed.

If the Dialer reaches a voicemail or machine it will leave your message asking the patient to call the office if they wish to cancel or change their appointment.

Once all the calls are complete, the Dialer will update the appointment list directly, there is nothing else for you to do, the work is all done and on the schedule for easy review.

Click here to listen to a sample appointment reminder recording.

For more information on Acrendo's automatic patient appointment reminder system A.I.dialer please call 1-800-403-2330 or click here to request a FREE demo.